Our company

We are an Egyptian company consisting of a group Business owners aiming to find the best prices for the Egyptian market and its customers in the field of mobile phones and accessories and all its implications where we contract with major companies and importers in the same field.

We always strive to achieve the best technological services in the field of selling online through abdelazez.com

The idea is that we provide a service that saves time and effort for customers in searching for the best prices in one of the most important areas of selling mobile phones is Abdel Aziz Street with the guarantee of the quality of products and the availability of the guarantee approved for him.

We contract with the original companies and agents for the products and we set an unrealized margin of profit so that we can compete with the Egyptian market.

Just do not go anywhere to look for your new phone or its accessories and accessories because you will find everything you are looking for on abdelazez.com

What distinguishes us?